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Recent Work

Invicta Marine Propulsion have worked with the following types of equipment whilst attending vessels worldwide.

March 2011 – Full overhaul 2.4m Prop Dia. 1350kw Thrusters – A series of four container vessels, China.

October 2010 – Full overhaul 1 Off 2.2m Prop Dia. 1200kw Bow Thruster and 2 Off 2.0m Prop Dia. 900kw Stern Thrusters - Cable laying vessel, Hong Kong.

September 2010 – Tailshaft survey / Blade change Twin 3.0m Prop Dia. CPP, Full overhaul 2.0m Prop Dia. 880kw Thruster – Ferry, Gibraltar.

May 2010 – Hub overhauls Twin 3.1m Prop Dia. CPP – Ferry, Barcelona.

January 2010 – Full overhaul of 2 Off 2.1m Prop Dia. 1200kw Azimuth Thrusters, 1 Off 2.0m Prop Dia. 1350kw Thruster, 1 Off 1.75m Prop Dia. 700kw Thruster and 1 Off 1.75m Prop Dia. 590kw Thruster – Cable laying vessel, Philippines.

January 2010 to January 2011 – Overhaul of 2.2m Prop Dia. 1100kw Bow Thrusters – A series of eight container vessels, China.

December 2009 to March 2011 – Overhaul of 1.65 Prop Dia. 690kw Bow Thrusters and 1.45 Prop Dia. 530kw Stern Thrusters – A series of four container vessels, China.

June 2009 - Hub servomotor overhaul Twin 3.0m Prop Dia. CPP and Full overhaul 2.0m 880kw Thruster – Ferry, Gibraltar.

April 2009 – Tailshaft survey / Blade seal change Twin 4.2m Prop Dia. CPP and OD boxes overhaul – Ferry, Barcelona.

February 2009 – Tailshaft survey / Hub overhaul 3.0m Prop Dia. CPP, Full overhaul 2.0m Prop Dia. 880kw Thruster – Irish Sea ferry annual docking.

October 2008 – Full overhaul 2.2m Prop Dia. 1110kw Thruster – Container vessel, Bremen.

September 2008 – Inspection of Twin 8.1m Prop Dia. CPP and 2 Off 2.6m 1450kw Thrusters – Shuttle tanker, Brest.

July 2008 – Full overhaul 2 Off 1.65m Prop Dia. 500kw Thrusters – Heavy lift vessel, Grand Bahama.

March 2008 – Tailshaft survey / Blade seal change Twin 4.0m Prop Dia. 4300kw CPP, Overhaul of 2 Off 1.7m Prop Dia. 590kw Thrusters and 3 Off 2.2m Prop Dia. 1350kw Thrusters – Cable laying vessel, Birkenhead.


CPP Dock Trials

CPP Dock Trials


Tail Shaft Removal

Tail Shaft Removal


Bow Thruster Installation

Bow Thruster Installation

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